Sabey Data Centers is one of the oldest and largest privately owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/operators in the world

Sabey Data Centers – Intergate.Manhattan


New York’s Only Purpose-Built Data Center Campus

Intergate.Manhattan at 375 Pearl Street in New York City provides wholesale colocation/turnkey, powered shell with fully updated building systems. The largest, newest, and most secure of New York City’s data centers, it’s difficult to overstate the superlatives of Intergate.Manhattan, the City’s only purpose-built data center.
  • Primary critical infrastructure located at least 30’ above street level
  • Unique and robust riser capacity to provide fiber, water and electricity to every location in the building
  • 40 MW of new high tension service at higher voltage at a discounted cost
  • N+2 feeder capacity
  • 2N redundant service delivered at 13.2kV
  • Fiber access from two diverse paths
  • Sabey Data Centers’ IGX is a secure, private network to New York City’s major exchanges
  • Neutral meet-me rooms
  • Rapid connection to NYC’s carrier hotels and to the Sabey Data Centers campus network around the country
  • Unique line of sight for wireless
Critical Environment
  • Sabey Data Centers operations team on site 24/7
  • State of the art cooling systems and new, efficient MEP plants
  • Electrical, mechanical and water systems are redundant and concurrently maintainable
  • Switchgear maintained by Sabey Data Centers’ operations team
Backup Systems
  • 72 MW of back up emergency generator capacity
  • Ample emergency fuel supply
  • 72 hours water storage
  • Back-up chiller water for cooling systems
Operations Team
  • Award-winning with more than ten years of operations experience
  • 3,000,000 sf of data center space under management
  • Intergate.Manhattan will undergo rigorous auditing under SSAE 16
  • Security- Access via dual authentication; biometric and card access controls
  • 24/7 on site security team; CCTV
  • Vehicular access controlled by NYPD; adjacent to 1 Police Plaza and Homeland Security
  • Fire suppression via interlocked pre-action sprinkler system with incipient smoke detection (VESDA)
  • Heavy floor load construction with cross-bracing provides stability and strength.
  • Clear floor heights to 23’
  • Wide column spacing for efficient layout on 35,000 sf floor plates
Other Features
  • 3 – 5 minute walk to multiple subway stations.
  • Loading docks raised and on slab